03/03/2017 - 14:28

In the second week I started working for Mincko as a Freshdesk product-reseller, I had the amazing opportunity of going to Chennai in India. Formerly known as Madras, it is here that the HQ of Freshdesk is based and where an annual reseller conference takes place to keep the Freshdesk partners involved and updated about everything new that’s cooking in Freshdesk. After a long flight, I arrived in the country renowned for The Taj Mahal, it's curry-rich cuisine and last but not least, it’s IT tradition.

When I arrived at the Freshdesk offices, I was surprised by their ‘open’ view about work. The whole place is just breathing the ‘work hard, play hard mentality’. A golf course in the middle of the office, inspiring quotes on the wall, a lot of plants, special seats,... all was present. You could almost call it ‘Google-esque’. After a welcoming in the traditional Indian way, the conference officially started.

Even during the more serious parts s.a. the presentation of the products: Freshdesk, Freshsales and Freshservice, the fun-atmosphere was omnipresent. In an enthusiastic way the development team presented their market-strategy for the coming year. The Freshdesk philosophy from the office is also clearly visible in their products: everything pivots around ease of use, look and feel, flexibility and customer satisfaction. However, they also know the lacking points of their products and are trying to improve these things. The development team was very open to feedback from the resellers but if they put these remarks into reality remains yet to be seen in the coming months.

Every day, a reseller hosted a session and explained his experiences with his colleagues. This was especially welcome for a beginner such as me. I learned how to acquire clients by the ‘looking at the neighbour’ strategy and how to organise events. The French team even showcased how Freshdesk products can be a viable option for the enterprise level of the market, although Freshdesk is primarily focussed on the SME market.

Also a special shoutout to the worldwide Freshdesk resellers that attended the conference. From the Indonesians to the French team: We were a great group and enjoyed ourselves also outside of the working hours. After four interesting but tiresome days, I returned home. Exhausted but a lot wiser and motivated to throw myself completely in the Freshdesk-reselling adventure.