Mincko doen't do half work. That's why we not only sell software, we also help people using them. We provide a variety of services to help our customers out!


A fine software product is a good start but every company knows the employees make up the most important part of a successful business. Mincko can help your agents to get the most out of the Freshdesk products. We offer training and consulting for agents by experts for a daily fee. After all, trained agents increase productivity and increased productivity means happy customers and a happy employer. This is exactly what we at Mincko are aiming to achieve.

Custom Building

Freshdesk products are great but in a rapidly evolving world, customer needs can be so specific that out-of-the box products can't match their expectations. Luckily, we at Mincko have the solution. In case third-party applications don’t cover your needs, we’ll build your state-of-the-art custom app that integrates perfectly with the Freshdesk products. Apps can be incredibly powerful these days. As the capabilities of desktop, tablet and smartphone devices are evolving at a rapid pace, app functionality is no longer limited to simple "click-a-button" or "send-an-email" like features. We embrace these capabilities to create a feature-rich, fast and intuitive user experience for advanced functionality such as image or video capture, mixing audio, social media integration. Your users won't know what hit 'em.


Sometimes difficulties can arise while implementing your software. Maybe you have a unique situation and you don't now how to configure it in Freshdesk, or maybe you just want the implementation process to be handled by professionals so you are sure that everything is done right. Mincko is glad to assist you in these matters. Our people are trained professionals and offer top-notch support in the implementation process. We get your system running in no time! Service and support mean everything for us.